April Update

April Video Update (CLICK HERE).

This is just a series of bits and pieces of Christian Chile Mission; hoping—over time—you’ll be able to string a better picture of our ministry together.

Compact Update (Key Points):
1. Beginning to help Mike Boyce and the Bible seminary with more trivial tasks so he can concentrate more on teaching.
2. The semester at Johnson ends in two weeks and I’ll have finished my third class with them.
3. We’ve visited a good number of churches and have a good number planned for this week as well. This relationship building time—while I’m finishing up the semester—will help the messages, I share with them in the future, be more impactful.
4. We’re being intentional about forming relationships with members of our home church, and slowly looking for ministry opportunities in the long term—in the midst of everything else.

Here is the link to our friends—and ministry partner’s—newsletter, that was mentioned in the video:
Cornerstone Chilean Mission
Their updates will help you understand our ministry better as well—since they overlap in some areas.

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