Christian Chile Mission.

Christian Chile Mission is a ministry designed to support pastors and young leaders in their ministries, and to guide others in the way set out for us in the Bible. All of this is done through taking time to build solid relational foundations that provide support for us  Christians to stick together and live in community through trials of doctrinal differences so that we can find—and grow in— the truth, in the unity God calls us to develop and maintain.


Please read below on how to connect with us better so we can walk together in relationships that go beyond financial giving. We obviously depend on the financial support of the church—and are tremendously thankful for it, but we want our relationships with you—US church—to be more than this, so we can all share in the ministry/community we are working in down here—together—in a more tangible way.

How to connect and make a difference.

It takes a lot of time to organize PowerPoints for video newsletters and write textual newsletters. Since the video newsletters help us connect across oceans so much better, we will no longer be writing newsletters, but will be sending out links to your emails and on Facebook. But you must “like” our pages to get our updates on your newsfeeds, or email us so we can add your address to our mailing list so you get the links.

THEN you’ll be able to connect with us and support the ministry in a multidimensional way, by clicking the links we send out.

Like our page to have CHRISTIAN CHILE MISSION show up on your “newsfeed” on Facebook, so you can better pray for the ministry.


Befriend Toni Kepschull Jr. on Facebook. My name is Toni in Spanish.


IF YOU DO NOT HAVE FACEBOOK, just send us an email at and we’ll send you links to our video newsletters on the web.

We also post snibbits and photos on Instagram. Click here to follow us and stay connected with the ministry better in the day in and day out. 

This type of introduction to the Chilean culture—and growing ministry in Santiago—provides an excellent framework for the US church to actually come—in person—on a relationship building trip with us in Santiago. It could be called a mission trip, but our growing relationships with you—and your better understanding of the chilean context, by keeping current with ministry happenings—would provide the means for the kind of community building trip that would starkly contrast with those less-effective short-term mission trips that have many experts—in the field—beginning to condemn.

Thus, doing something as seemingly-unspiritual as building a church would be a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your humble attitude. Even though you may not be able to communicate—directly—with Chileans, your actions demonstrating your humility would help break through stereotypes of prideful—”know-it-all”—gringos. Then we could plan for further activities for your future return and continual building of relationships that provide fertile soil for the seed of the gospel. This type of model/pattern would help our constructing of foundations of trust with many, to break through firmly-planted mystic misconceptions—and other false doctrines—distorting the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in Chile.

Thank you for partnering with us in this life-long mission.